Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SUN Feel FUN Feel!


The Dieline discussion regarding OTVETDESIGN...

OTVETDESIGN has created developed a new package design for Sunfeel horticultural canned food.

"What differs vegetables grown in the sunlight from their fellow creatures pined in the stuffy glasshouses? Zest for life! They know what the real not the electric Sun is. Sunfeel™ selects natural fruit and vegetables from the very south where there are a lot of sunshine, day light and the good!

Therefore we decided to give the trade mark a bit ruffian-like but easy-natured character inherent by the fancy free fruit and vegetables only. In the label self-sufficient and self-confident children of nature are looking at us through the sunglasses. No additives and chemicals, but pure beauty and force of attraction. Every vegetable in a can is unique and has its own inimitable style. One would do well to learn from these guys.

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